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What you wrote very individual character, I think I'll often to pay attention to you.
Thank you for sharing!
By yzi

James Tamburri

Thats one of the best things I've ever read about steampunk!!! It really lays it down. I do steampunk computer mods and you set a much needed high standard as no one else seems to be guarding the gates on this style. Thanks again for this :)

Art Donovan

Thank you, James, for your very kind words.

But please know that I am NOT the self-appointed guardian of all things Steampunk.

When I review Steampunk art and design, I apply the very common industry standards for evaluating an object. In the design industry there are three levels by which an object is evaluated based on it's preceding designs.
1.) Simple Permutation
2.) Evolutionary Design
3.) Revolutionary design

I apply this method of categorization when I curate and review other works. There is actually very little subjectivity involved, as this method of visual and technical eavluation is employed by everyone from Apple to the guy who manufactures lawn sprinklers.

Be well and thank you reading my blog.

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